Geographers’ News Letter is a bi-annual publication of the Association of Punjab Geographers. Apart from publishing the activities and programmes of the Association, the news letter is devoted to highlight the activities carried out during the year by various departments of geography of the region. Brief reports about the seminars, conferences, workshops, courses etc. conducted by various departments are also published apart from the notices of such events to be organized by different departments of the region and at national/international levels. News from the members about their academic achievements, publications, promotions, transfers etc. is also published. Achievements of the meritorious students are also highlighted in the news letter. Newsletter also carries information about release of new books. In-memorials and condolences resolutions on behalf of the APG are also published in the news letter. News having geographical relevance at national/international level is also considered for publication. Information about some of the important days being celebrated at the national and international level or could be celebrated by the Geographical Societies of the Colleges/ Departments is also published to create awareness among students.