Association of Punjab Geographers, India

APG is a National Organization registered under the Societies Act of 1860, No. 12 of 1998-99. It has more than 500 life members from all over India and abroad. APG is striving for promoting teachings in geography at various levels - from schools to universities. It encourages applied research within the scope of geography for addressing problems of humankind as part of nature including climate change and adaptation to the change for sustainability. To achieve these goals, it has instituted ‘Young Geographer Award’ to promote young researchers in the field of applied geography and publishes quality research journal ‘Punjab Geographer’ in association with Institute for Spatial Planning and Environment Research, C-1, Amaravati Enclave, Panchkula, Haryana. APG organizes its Annual Meet as a National/International Conference in collaboration with departments of geography or other allied departments of various universities/ colleges/ institutions, to deliberate on the issues falling within the ambit of geography. To generate environmental awaking among the children, APG regularly undertakes various programs at school and college levels. For the promotion of geography it also organizes various competitions at college and school levels apart from honoring the meritorious students at college and university levels.

Major objectives of the APG

  • To promote the subject of Geography by organizing seminars, conferences, workshops, quiz contests, paper reading contest, debate etc.
  • To improve and standardize teaching of geography at various levels.
  • To identify and find possible solutions of specific and pressing problems faced by the people which fall within the competence of Geographers.
  • To create awareness amongst people/administration/planners/ govt. agencies regarding the degradation and regeneration of environment.
  • To create awareness amongst general public about the significance of geographic knowledge.


The conditions of membership are as under:

  • Persons who acquired M.A./M.Sc. Degree in Geography or other related fields or who are teaching geography at school, college and university levels.
  • He/she shall be committed to honour the objectives of the Association.
  • Except Founder Members, any person shall be admitted as a member if his/her name is proposed on the requisite proforma by two members. The final approval shall be given by the Executive Committee.
  • Students opting Geography at under-graduate and post-graduate levels can become the student member of the Association.
  • If any member is found guilty of violating the rules/objectives of the Association, his/her membership can be cancelled by the Executive by two third majorities.

For details and membership contact General Secretary, Dr. Lakhvir Singh Gill, E- mail: Phone: +91 99880 28741 / +91 98149 28741.

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APG Confrences

  • 1st APG National Conference, 2000 (Patiala).
  • 2nd APG National Conference, 2001 (Ludhiana).
  • 3rd APG National Conference, 2002 (Chandigarh).
  • 4th APG National Conference, 2003 (Amritsar).
  • 5th APG National Conference, 2004 (Jalandhar).
  • 6th APG National Conference, 2005 (Jalandhar).
  • 7th APG National Conference, 2006 (Karnal).
  • 8th APG National Conference, 2007 (Panchkula).
  • 9th APG National Conference, 2008 (Bathinda).
  • 10th APG National Conference, 2009 (Patiala).
  • 11th APG National Conference, 2010 (Patiala).
  • 12th APG National Conference, 2011 (Shimla).
  • 13th APG National Conference, 2012 (Karnal).
  • 1st APG International Conference, 2013 (Kurukshetra).
  • 2nd APG International Conference, 2014 (Panchkula).
  • 16th APG Meet & National Conference, 2015 (Jammu).
  • 17th APG Meet & National Conference, 2016 (Ludhiana).

Other regular activities

To Promote Teaching and Learning of Geography, APG organizes:

  • State Level Geographical Quiz Contest
  • State Level Teaching of Geography Contest
  • State Level Geographical Model Making Contest

Activities to Create Environment Awakening among School Children:

  • On the spot painting competition
  • Poster making competition
  • Tree plantation
  • Class room lectures


Punjab Geographer (ISSN-0973-3485)

The ‘Punjab Geographer’ a peer-reviewed and referred journal of the Association of Punjab Geographers is devoted to publishing of original research carried out in the discipline of Geography and allied subjects.

Book reviews, geographical notes, articles and abstracts of doctoral dissertations and research projects sponsored by UGC, ICSSR or any other organization are also invited for publication in the ‘Punjab Geographer’ all the year round by the Editor.

See Punjab Geographer (APG Journal)

Punjab Geographers' Newsletter

Geographers’ News Letter is a bi-annual publication of the Association of Punjab Geographers. Apart from publishing the activities and programmes of the Association, the newsletter is devoted to highlight the activities carried out during the year by various departments of geography of the region. Brief reports about the seminars, conferences, workshops, courses etc. conducted by various departments are also published apart from the notices of such events to be organized by different departments of the region and at national/international levels. Achievements of the meritorious students are also highlighted in the news letter.

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