22nd APG meet and conference

Indira Gandhi University, Meerpur, Rewari

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22nd APG meet and National Conference is being organized by the Department of Geography, Indira Gandhi University, Meerpur, Rewari (Haryana)

Changing Paradigms of Man, Environment & Technology: Issues and Challenges.

Sub Themes:

Human Population
  • Pattern and Dynamics of human population
  • Gender inequality and discrimination
  • COVID-19 Pandemic, Migration and Mitigation strategies
  • Globalization, occupational structure and livelihood options
  • Urbanization, industrialization, rural and regional development
  • Agricultural landscape and uneven economic development
  • Agriculture and irrigation in semi arid and arid regions
  • Economic change and development vis-à-vis Environment, Climate change and Biodiversity
  • Disasters and Hazards: Causes, Consequences and Mitigation mechanism
  • Changing land use/land cover and its economic and environmental impacts
  • Sustainable development goals and progress achieved in Indian context
  • Cyber geographies and uneven development
  • Geospatial technologies in planning, management and sustainable development of resources

The Participants can Contact, Dr. Vipin Kumar; Convener-cum-Organizing Secretary
Email: vipin.geography@igu.ac.in; Mobile number: +91 93521 79081

Newsletter Volume 21 No.2 (2020)

APG newsletter 2017

State Level Geographical Quiz Contest, 2020 - Winning teams of Punjab State

Geographers’ News Letter is a bi-annual publication of the Association of Punjab Geographers.

Inside newsletter Vol 21 No.2

  • 21st APG Meet and National/International Conference
  • Punjab State Level Geographical Quiz Contest, 2020
  • Haryana State Level Geographical Quiz Contest, 2020
  • Inter-state Geographical Quiz Contest, 2020
  • Punjab Geographer
  • News from the Departments/Colleges

See newsletter Vol 21 No.2 (2020)

Punjab Geographer

Annual Journal volume 17

October 2021

APG Journal Volume 17


  • Sachin Pandwar, Omvir Singh: Modeling Magnitude and Frequency of Floods in the Upper Yamuna River Basin, India
  • Deepika Vashishtha, Shahab Fazal: Livelihood Status and Sustainability in Rural India: A Geographical Analysis
  • Shamsher Singh, M. S. Jaglan: Cultivation of Vegetable Crops in Haryana: Growth, Spatial Distribution and Concentration Pattern
  • Mst Sanjida Alam: Evaluation of Preparedness of Schools in Chittagong City of Bangladesh to Face Earthquake Eventualities
  • Sriparna Das, Bimal Kumar Kar: Trend of Urbanization and Emerging Regional Variations in Urban Development in Assam
  • Soleman Khan, A K M Anwaruzzaman: Role of Education in Determining Fertility Level among Muslim Women in Rural Areas of West Bengal
  • Rajeshwari, Himanshi: Out of Pocket Expenditure on Health in India with Reference to Socio-Economic Classes in Haryana
  • Ajay Chanjta, D.D. Sharma: Trends and Pattern of Development of Educational Institutions in Rohru Block of Shimla District, Himachal Pradesh
  • Map Series-XIV: R.C. Chandna: Punjab-Haryana Region: Agricultural Sector Workforce
  • Doctoral Abstract: Girish Kumar: Vector Borne Diseases with Special Reference to Dengue in Delhi: An Analysis of Distribution and Vulnerability
  • Doctoral Abstract: Manoj Kumar: Poultry Farming in Haryana: An Enquiry into its Spatial Organization and Socio-Economic Attributes
  • Doctoral Abstract: Dinesh Kumar: Causes and Consequences of Floods in Markanda River Basin: A Hydro-Geomorphic Analysis
  • Doctoral Abstract: Rekha: Socio Economic Structure of Chura Community in Rural Haryana: A Case Study of Jhajjar District
  • Doctoral Abstract: Sangeeta Chaudhary: Solid Waste Management-Identifying Land Suitability for Landfill Sites (A Case Study of Jaipur City)
  • In Memoriam: Prof. S.S. Dhillon:
See Volume 17 Abstracts

Young Geographer Award (2018)

APG young geographer awardee

Mr. Pankaj Bhardwaj JRJ, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, is receiving Dr. Saminderjit Singh Memorial Young Geographer Award from Professor Pritam Singh, Senior Economist, Oxford University, England during the Valedictory Session of 19th APG Meet and International Conference, at Khalsa College, Patiala.

Meritorious Geography Student Award (2018)

APG young geographer awardee

Ms. Pushpa Devi, Department of Geography, University of Jammu is receiving Devinder Singh Raina Memorial Meritorious Student Award from S. Surjit Singh Rakhra, former Education Minister, Punjab and Padam Shri Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal during the Inaugural Session of 19th APG Meet and International Conference, at Khalsa College, Patiala.

Inter-state Level Geographical Quiz Contest
Year 2019

APG state level quiz contest 2016

SCD Govt. College, Ludhiana, Punjab won the 1st APG Inter-state Geography Quiz Contest, held at ISPER on 31st March, 2019.